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Jun. 18 2021


This edition will be marked by numerous expectations in the NPLs Market. In a context given by the end of moratoriums, regulatory changes, changes in the dynamics and configuration of portfolios, changes in the approach of investors and new profiles of investors entering the market, the experts of consulting institutions, servicers, funds and companies in the sector will share with us their vision of how the industry will develop and where will be the great opportunities.

Despite the uncertainty, it is clear for investors that the NPLs industry is very attractive and markets are competing to attract their attention as this is a sector that will play a main role in the post-pandemic economic recovery.

What happened to the sector during the pandemic and what is the scenario for 2021?

In a context marked by a change in the cycle for the NPL industry, a rapid digital transformation, and various regulatory changes, industry leaders come together to give us their perspectives on what the playing field will be in this still uncertain new scenario. What to expect in September with the end of the moratoriums? Once the Layoffs end, what will be the impact in the unsecured debt?


The post Covid-19 crisis could double the current stock of NPLs:

As the pandemic recedes, significant growth in NPL volumes is expected at levels similar or even higher than in the 2008 crisis, but it is clear that the context is very different. Since 2008, the market has matured and is much more prepared for what is to come. What measures are being taken? How is the banking sector preparing to lessen the impact of the possible wave of defaults?


The investor appetite in the Portuguese market:

New investors appearing in the scene, and huge opportunities for all of them. We will discuss about major operations expected in the market and what are the determining factors that creditors are considering when it comes to preparing a portfolio sale.


NPLs and Securitization:

Operational structuring alternatives. What are the bank strategies to protect their capital, liquidity and margin profit? How investors have specialized to manage these complex operations?


Perspectives and experts’ vision about the NPL Industry:

The big wave of NPLs is still to come as the regulator continues to keep the moratorium policy, but the real economy is there and the big wave will appear. In this scenario, experts will analyze what will happen to prices, what are the major transactions that will take place and what should investors be looking at when it comes to private equity and debt purchase.


NPL Unsecured Portfolio Recovery in a Post Pandemic Scenario:

The Importance of Data Quality and Analysis as Key to Portfolio Recovery. What is the vision of the recovery entities? How do you use technology to improve results, lower operating costs, and deal with an anticipated wave of defaults?


Innovation Room:

Discover in this space the solutions you need for your business. You will find 20-minute Micro Presentations that will show you the way to be even more efficient and make a difference.

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